The C12 Key Players Program — Team Leadership Training

Feb.07.2017 Business Resources

Happy meetingKey Players Groups are offered as a service to C12 Group members to help them develop the key staff, leadership talent and potential general management successors resident within each C12 member company. These staff members participate in team leadership training that is similar to what their business Owners and CEOs experience. In this way, the CEO/Owner/President is making a clear investment in the long-term development of their key people in a manner which is consistent with their own paradigm for company purpose and performance.  This results in deeper engagement, heightened awareness and understanding, alignment, internal accountability (up and down) and sharper communication and teamwork within C12 member companies.  Senior staff members bring back excellent ideas for furthering the company’s business and ministry, sharpened in their own facilitated peer group process, and consistent with the overarching vision and values of the firm.  

Key Players enjoy the same basic array of C12 business and ministry segments and monthly peer advisory board format employed by the parent C12 Groups, with only minor modifications to content related to their differing roles.  This enables the same topics to be discussed by both levels of C12 participants in a member company during the same month, resulting in the timely sharing of differing perspectives and critical mass in idea generation and accountability.  It is also not necessary that Key Players be professing Christians, only that they seek to become successful in understanding and contributing to the sponsoring firm’s purpose, goals and values.  The Key Players process does not include a monthly One-on-One coaching session and is priced to be affordable for companies of all sizes.  The Key Players team leadership program has been used with great impact over the years with many C12 member companies reporting increased effectiveness, buy-in and team synergy as a result.


The 6 Major Advantages of C12 Key Player Membership

As you consider the following basic benefits which are an on-going part of C12 membership, ask yourself which of these areas represent important opportunities for your team and how the application/development of these skills and resources would benefit you and your company?                 

1.  Working “On” Your Business

…”best practice” business leadership and general management tools to help improve your bottom line and more productively engage your team

2.  Wisdom from Other Busiensses

…give your key players counsel to your specific needs/issues

3.  Core Presentation of Your Business

…in-depth overall analysis of your business with questions for their peers

4.  Accountability To Your Group

…action steps (To-Do Lists) you commit to take during the month based on the material presented

5.  Think Like An Owner

…monthly meeting with your Business Coach will serve as a resource dedicated to your business and helping your team think like owners.

6.  Practical Help

…learn practical ways to run your business according to great principles for the benefit of your stakeholders

Visit our EVENTS page for a listing of all upcoming Key Player Groups in Central Texas.