11 Signs that Complacency Exists In Your Organization

May.11.2017 Business Resources

Take C12’s Complacency Self Assessment And Find Out…

The downside of prolonged success is that so many leaders tend to ‘settle in’ and hold onto ‘the way we do things here.’  The resulting tendency toward complacency and its frequent companion, a growing entitlement mentality, has destroyed many organizations.  Take a moment to quiz yourself with this ‘eye-opening’ self-assessment. After taking this quiz, if you see tangible signs of complacency consider steps to reverse them so the company can remain healthy and grow over time.

1. Has your company grown for three or more consecutive years?
(  ) Yes  (  ) No
How Many?

2. How important is seniority in your calculation of pay and bonuses?
(  ) Very Important  (  ) Not very important

3. More tellingly, how do your key people see the value of seniority? When a propose
raise or promotion is proposed for an employee, how often do you hear, “He’s a loyal
long-termer”?   (  ) Often (  ) Sometimes (   ) Seldom

4. Answer these three questions with a brief comment:
a) What do you celebrate and reward most often?

b) What are you most likely to praise about employees when talking to other employees?

c) What do your direct reports urge you to reward?

5. How much innovation are you experiencing from your team?
a) Do you have a method for collecting, evaluating, and implementing new ideas and
innovations? (   ) Yes (   ) No

b) Do you get as many new ideas submitted as you did a year ago?
(  ) Yes (  ) No
Three years ago? (  ) Yes (  ) No

6. Do you have more or less rules compared to two years ago?
(  ) More   (   ) Less

7. Do you have job descriptions?
(  ) Yes (  ) No        Do you use them? (  ) Yes  (  ) No

a) If ‘yes’, would you say they limit or enable people’s contribution to your company’s
successful accomplishment of key objectives? (  ) Limit (  ) Enable

b) How frequently do your people avoid tasks by claiming “it ‘s not my job”?
(  )  Often  (   ) Sometimes (  ) Rarely

8. Do you experience upward delegation from your direct reports (i.e., asking you to make
decisions that you’ve authorized them to make)?  (  ) Yes  (  ) No

9. Are meaningful performance reviews conducted throughout your company (i.e., do they
directly impact merit increases, training, and ‘promotability’)? (  ) Yes  (   ) No
Do your team members generally look forward to them? (  )  Yes  (  ) No

10. When it comes time to allocate profit-sharing or bonuses, do you give them based on:
(  ) Position and/or Seniority (  ) Performance against goals/standard

When you give them, how do your employees respond?:
(  ) Thankful, fully understanding the basis
(  ) Take them for granted
(  ) Confused and/or desire more

11. Have you ever fired team members for lack of performance? (  ) Yes (  ) No

Your honest answers to these questions will help you determine where you are on the complacency continuum. Based on your own evaluation, rate yourself from ‘1’ to ’10’ where a ’10’ rating is totally entrepreneurial, with no entitlement thinking and a flat-out ownership mentality, and a ‘1’ rating is means there is severe complacency taking root in your organization. Where do you fit?

Encouraging and motivating employees, focusing on growth and business best practices are all part of what C12 Members work on each month during their business peer group advisory meetings.  Sound interesting to you?  Let’s talk.  Contact us today to visit a meeting.