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Why Business Peer Advisory Groups Work

Jun.18.2017 Business Resources C12 Member Profiles

Many successful business owners are members of peer advisory groups. In these groups, they meet with other professionals to help each other solve business challenges sharing expertise. Peer advisory groups are valuable resources for CEOs and business owners since they can discuss issues with non-competitive peers in a confidential forum.  How can a peer advisory group help your business? Consider these benefits:

Insight & wisdom from those who have been there

In groups, members discuss things that are hindering their companies and share ideas for how to overcome them. Collectively possessing years of diverse experience, group members can wisely advise each other on how to build and maintain a thriving business.

Fresh, transparent perspectives

It might seem counterintuitive to go outside your company for suggestions on how to improve your business, but individuals in peer advisory groups often see things that insiders do not. Members can often help formulate a solution a business owner wouldn’t be able to reach on his or her own. Further, surrounding yourself with like-minded, successful individuals is motivating and encouraging.

Hold you accountable to your core values

No one wants to show up to a group with no accomplishments to speak of. A member that consistently misses goals and milestones can be held accountable by other members. You are more likely to reach your goals, both personal and professional, when you have colleagues you know and trust regularly checking in on your progress.

Build strong, life-long relationships

Members in a peer advisory group forge strong bonds with their peers around the table, encourage and pray for one another during difficult times and celebrate the blessings and rewards of success. Supporting each other through difficult times and successes fosters deep and transparent friendships between members.

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