Operational Fitness Is Key To Organizational Wellness

Feb.04.2018 Business Resources

Every year, thousands of people resolve to better maintain their personal fitness. This is the most common New Year’s resolution, but unfortunately, it’s also the most frequently broken. The temptation to fall back into our old habits after the newness of January wears off is strong. This truth not only applies to our personal fitness goals, but to our professional goals as well. 

After years and years of doing things a certain way, it is challenging to make intentional shifts in your operating culture. However, it is a challenge worth pursuing, as a little intentionality and perseverance can propel your business to the next level and create a dynamic culture of continual improvement.

If you’re a Christian CEO, business owner, or leader, here are a few ways to keep your organization in robust health:

Find Christian Mentors 
It is imperative that leaders have peers in their lives to serve as trusted advisors that can help navigate key business issues, provide qualified advice, and ensure accountability. A wise man once said, “It doesn’t matter if you are a tree in full foliage if you don’t produce fruit.” A Christian mentor or peer group can help dig deep and help discover ways to produce results.

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Pursue Biblical Wisdom
We can learn a lot about both leadership and equipping others to lead through Scripture. If you’ve resolved to shape up your business, making time to meditate on God’s word should be a concrete part of that plan. Being in tune with God’s will and calling for your life provides the peace only He can provide.

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Focus on Alignment
Top-down leadership is the demise of many business. The alternative is an aligned, team-based approach which creates a culture of enthusiasm and shared responsibility. Like a team of horses pulling a heavy load, if one or more horses pulls in a different direction, you can get off course quickly.  Make sure your efforts are focused on the road ahead.

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