Are You Building a Successful Marketplace Ministry?

Mar.02.2018 Business Resources Spiritual walk

When it comes to building and growing a successful company, CEO’s and business owners can easily list the key ingredients: a well conceived strategy and plan, key metrics, on-going customer service; innovation regarding products, services and delivery methods.

The challenge for CEOs called to lead companies as God’s stewards is to see daily business as an opportunity for ministry, not solely from a pragmatic perspective. It can be difficult to follow this path when our culture only celebrates the secular aspects of business (e.g., pursuing “The American Dream”).

One of the most common problems in establishing an effective workplace ministry is a lack of consistency. Some focus on ministry for a season, perhaps related to a specific event, project, or obvious need, but soon after become distracted. Urgent business priorities often suspend ministry efforts until circumstances permit. This is like tithing only when you’re doing well versus being faithful with your first fruits through the ups and downs of life.

C12 member CEOs and business owners strive to thoughtfully integrate ministry elements into their normal business model to regularly serve and engage their stakeholders and minimize the temptation to be distracted by daily business challenges. But this transition can be difficult.

The C12 Group helps Christian CEOs and business owners hold true to the call of leading excellent companies as God’s stewards, but also recognizes that sometimes we fall short in serving our stakeholders from the eternal perspective.

Does your company’s mission statement speak to your greater purpose… the ‘why’ that underpins your life and work? Or, is it a generic, politically correct sentiment, dealing solely with the secular dimensions of business that any firm might say? If so, consider retooling your mission statement. In the process, consider C12 Group’s overarching credos:

Building GREAT Businesses for a GREATER Purpose… Pursuing Performance God’s Way… and Priorities are what we do; everything else is just talk!

To be effective, your mission needs to be integral to your decision-making process and serve as a guide and inspiration in conducting business at all levels. Here’s a quick ‘how-to’ guide:

Start with a solid statement of purpose that’s concise, inspiring, and helpful in decision-making and stirs a sense of ministry that actually excites you.

Use it as a focal point and screening tool when interviewing applicants and building your leadership team. They should embrace and be excited about your purpose and values, and be able to explain how they’ll contribute as a team member in such an environment.

Require each employee to memorize it, including every new hire in their first week. Get personally involved in promoting and reinforcing this practice.

Refer to it in each staff meeting; Lead by applying, teaching, using timely examples, and celebrating those who personify these principles whenever possible.

Print it on plaques, literature, and business cards; Display it in your reception area, offices, meeting rooms, stationary, websites, and newsletters.

Be willing to be “a broken record”, especially in the beginning. Enlist your key staff to do likewise and help you to deeply implant it!

Remember, above all, walk the talk because your team is watching and following your lead!